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Why should you use stones and pebbles in your garden?

Why should you use stones and pebbles in your garden?
Posted By: Store admin Published: 31/01/2019 Times Read: 1029 Comments: 0

If you want your garden to look incredible, you need to invest in various kinds of flowers, trees, plants and any other type of greenery. But to captivate the attention of your guests and neighbours further, we feel that purchasing stones and pebbles is a must. Having too many flowers and plants can make your garden look a little overcrowded – so why should you use decorative pebbles and stones?

Extremely durable

Stones and pebbles are highly durable throughout the seasons. They are not easily blown away, do not decompose, and have a long life, meaning they do not need constant replacing. As the British weather is extremely unpredictable, these properties make stones and pebbles fantastic additions to any garden.

Great for pathways

Pathways are extremely important for landscape gardening, and you can make these pathways look creative, warm and welcoming by using stones and pebbles. If you also have plants on these pathways, place the stones between each plant for a variation of colours, textures and materials.

Ideal for lawn edges and flowerbeds

Decorative pebbles are also fantastic to create edges for your lawn and flowerbeds – not only do they aesthetically improve the space, but they also give the area definitive borders. It can also be used for something that often features in Japanese gardens, water bodies – this technique produces a soothing sound as the water runs through the pebbles.

Help moisture the soil

Stones and pebbles can be used in gardens to prevent unplanted areas from losing moisture. Doing this can help soil around the plants to retain moisture, which in itself will reduce the need for watering.

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