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How to clean your patio

How to clean your patio
Posted By: Store admin Published: 21/12/2018 Times Read: 152 Comments: 0

Here at Mone Bros DIY, our patio paving will need a certain level of maintenance to keep it looking at its very best. Now, to remove any general dirt, we recommend that you regularly brush it, and if the colour starts to deteriorate, it can be saved by scrubbing with soap and warm water, vinegar or a power washer. All of our step-by-step guides can be found below.

Soap and warm water

Tools & materials needed: Bucket, hard-bristle brush, hose pipe, warm water and washing up liquid.

1.       Clear the patio of any furniture

2.       Get some washing up liquid and warm water, and mix it together in a bucket.

3.       Pour the bucket over the area where the colour is starting to fade.

4.       Using a hard-bristled brush, scrub the area.

5.       Then rinse the scrubbed area with clean water.

6.       Leave it for at least 24 hours.

7.       Repeat the cleaning process again if needed.

8.       Put all furniture back


Tools & materials needed: Heavy duty broom, weeding tool, watering can, bucket, water and vinegar.

           1.      Clear the patio of any furniture

           2.      Remove weeds and sweep the area.

           3.      Mix water and vinegar in a bucket to make a solution – half and half.

           4.       Pour solution on to patio

           5.       Leave it for 20 minutes

           6.       Scrub affected area with a brush

           7.       Using water, mop the area

           8.       Put all furniture back

Power washer

Tools & materials needed: Power washer and water

           1.       Clear the patio of any furniture

           2.       Sweep the area clean.

           3.       Connect your water supply to the power washer hose.

           4.       Turn on the tap.

           5.       Hose down the patio from side to side, making sure you cover all areas.

           6.       Turn the tap off and disconnect the hose

           7.       Put all furniture back

If you need some advice on our paving stone products or want to hear more about our garden products such as topsoil and gravel, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Leeds based team on 0113 267 4386.


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