Reducing our impact on the Environment

At Mone Bros, we recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our business operations upon the Yorkshire and wider environment, both today and moving forward into the future.

Reducing our carbon footprint is something that all the senior management team at Mone Bros are committed to achieving, by finding ways of making our business operations more sustainable. We consistently strive to conserve energy, reduce waste and recycle, both within our internal work processes and in delivering our products and services to customers.

In fact, as a company that supplies a recycled product to the construction industry (Type 1), we are extremely conscious of our environmental responsibilities. Equally, we recognise that the more recycled type 1 we can sell into the construction and utility sectors, we will be helping our clients achieve their ‘Carbon Footprint’ reduction targets.

 Some of Mone Bros key environmental objectives include:

1. Sourcing eco products where possible (eg Eco Gravels)

2. Sourcing reclaimed products (eg Reclaimed Sleepers)

3. Restoring old products (eg Reclaimed York Paving Flags)

4. Recycling waste aggregates into Top Soil, Hardcore, 6F2 and Type 1

5. Using natural stone rather than manufactured stone

Our environmental policy can be downloaded by clicking on the following link >>