Design ideas to make the most of your garden

Your garden is vital to a feel-good home, so we have come up with some top tips to help you make it look amazing.

Your garden is a key part of your home. It is where you chill out in the summer and make memories with family and friends at your yearly BBQ, so it is vital you look after it and make the most of your outdoor space. Here at Mone Bros DIY, we have come up with a list of ideas to help you do exactly that.

Shape up your lawn

It may be simple, but an immaculate lawn is key to an aesthetically pleasing garden. If you do in fact have a lawn, it will take up a large percentage of your garden, so why not get it in to a neat shape?

Cut your lawn in to any shape you want – a rectangle, an oval, a square or even oblong. It looks impressive as well as setting it aside from most gardens.

Colour co-ordination

If done correctly, colour co-ordination can make your garden look spectacular – but we aren’t just talking about the same colours, here are some colours which look great together:

-          Buff or golden works with soft toned coloured flowers such as pink, lavender or a chalky yellow.

-          Strong colours such as red orange and yellow look fantastic with black and silver paving

-          Purple and white blooms work great with grey or white stone

Don’t neglect the boundaries

In small gardens, fences or hedges are the biggest element of your garden and make a huge impact on its overall view, so it’s vital you get them looking amazing. Try link them up to each other, without having all the same - similar patterns and colours on your boundaries work extremely well.

Here at Mone Bros DIY, we supply landscaping products, stone aggregates and many more products to help you enhance your garden. If you’re interested in purchasing any, be sure to give one of our friendly team a call on 0113 267 4386.

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