Garden features that add the most value to your home

The garden is a key part of your home, so here are our top tips on how you could add value to it.

Some people aren’t too bothered about keeping their garden in the best condition possible, but here at Mone Bros DIY, we feel it is an integral part of the home. Not only does your garden enhance the look of your home, but it can seriously increase its value, and we’ve come up with the top features that could add value to your home.

Secure fencing

Not only does it increase security for your home, but secure fencing also gives you the privacy you need to feel comfortable in your garden, whilst looking extremely stylish. Buyers will love each aspect of secure fencing, as everyone loves their own privacy.

A big shed

In every home there needs to be a place where you can store the tools or other forms of equipment you don’t use, and a big shed serves that purpose perfectly. A sizeable installation will definitely sway buyers, especially the lads as it can also serve as a mini man cave!

Lovely patio

A quality patio not only looks amazing, but the solid material can also hold outdoor furniture, hot tubs and any other heavy items which you may not want to keep on grass – acting as extra usable room. The patio can hold the tables and chairs which you can share memories at when hosting the family BBQ’s in the summer.

Quality decking

Similar to the patio, a solid material such as decking can be a host to a number of social events throughout the year, something which is enticing to potential buyers. Be sure to keep it in good condition though as mouldy, soggy decking isn’t attractive in any way.

Artificial grass

Everyone loves the look of grass, but artificial grass gives you the aesthetic look whilst having the low-maintenance aspect to partner it – something which buyers will love.

If you’re looking for any accessories or landscaping products for your garden, take a look around our website or give one of our friendly team a call, and they’ll be happy to help out.

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