Top tips to prepare your garden for winter

Autumn is always a buys time in the garden, cleaning up the left-over plants and vegetation from the summer, whilst preparing for the cold, winter months. So here at Mone Bros DIY, we thought we would help you out by coming up with some top tips to help you prepare your garden for winter – let the clear up begin!

Tidy the borders

Dig up annuals and add them to the compost heap and replace them by replanting your beds with winter bedding such as pansies, wallflowers and bellis daisies to give you a colourful display for spring.

Autumn gives you a great opportunity to move poorly placed plants whilst the soil is still relatively warm before the cold weather freezes it up.

Lawn maintenance

Is your lawn looking in a bad way? Autumn is the perfect time to rectify that.

Remove old grass clippings and moss using a spring tined rake, then add it to the compost heap – if you have an excessive amount of moss, then moss killer may be required first. In areas which are frequently walked across such as paths, the soil can become compressed – improve this by making deep holes with a garden fork every 10cm across the affected area.

Maintain garden equipment

Rather than throwing all your equipment in to the shed until next year, send items such as a lawn mower for a service, so it is in top condition for next year. Sharpen shears and secateurs, (either do it yourself or send them away) and other items such as spades and forks could do with a good wash.

If you’re looking for any garden materials or landscaping products for your garden this winter, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Mone Bros DIY on 0113 267 4386.

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