Decorative Gravels

We supply a wide range of gravels and decorative gravels. These include premium gravels, slates, cobbles and pebbles

Available for local delivery from our Leeds branches, or national delivery.

Charcoal slate 40mm
£96.00 inc VAT
Popular white cobbles look at home in any garden
From £7.50 inc VAT
stunning white pebbles 20-30mm
From £7.50 inc VAT
Beautiful beach cobbles from the North of Scotland
From £6.00 inc VAT
Large garden cobbles 80-120mm
From £9.00 inc VAT
Cheshire Pink 20mm
From £4.50 inc VAT
20mm Cotswold gravel the ever popular white/cream gravel
From £4.50 inc VAT
Groundtex terram can be used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate, sharp/angular stone and gravel, including areas subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Available in a wide range of sizes, including widths up to 4.5 metres.
From £12.00 inc VAT
Golden Gravel 10mm
From £4.94 inc VAT
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Gravel Calculator
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