Cragstone Range

The Cragstone collection offers a select range of weathered flagstones, full of inspired antique charm.

Each piece of stone within the Cragstone collection undergoes a weathering process, to create a soft aged finish, ideal for those wanting a traditional flagstone with a smoother feel.

Please note that all product sizes, weights and coverages stated throughout this website are nominal.

Available in calibrated project packs the Cragstone collection includes:

What our customers say

Ive been using Mone's for a major garden project and have found the quality of the products to be spot on, the price is a lot cheaper than all the other local building suppliers and Kevin and the team are very knowledgeable and helpful We've had a mix of tipped loose deliveries and bulk drops using the grabber. The delivery drivers have navigated some very tight spaces to get products to where I need them and have even dropped soil over a fence, to save me having to barrow soil. Great service!!
I couldn't believe how quick the delivery came. Nice one guys.
Great consistent aggregate with speedy delivery. Highly recommend.
Tuscan limestone has a subtly weathered appearance, with a varying colour palette. Rustic and occasional imperfect corners only add to Tuscan’s charming character.
As Tuscan is a limestone, it will naturally lighten over time.
From £40.00 m2
Old York has the colouring of the distinctive ‘York Stone’ and is a weathered sandstone, which creates a charming olde worlde finish. With a striking mix of buff, brown and grey coloured flagstones, all packs should be opened and pieces mixed before installation, to prevent colour banding.
Please note that some flags will be a mixture of colours whilst others can be all one colour.
From £40.00 m2
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