Aix Range

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Talasey Aix range is available in the following:-
1200 x 1200, 900 x 600, 750 x 375, 454 x 225 & 225 x 225 Slab Sizes
As with all porcelain it is :-
Easy Maintenance
Flat, Lightly Textured
Resistant to Moss, Algae & Staining
Natural Limestone Effect
Virtually 100% Non Porous
Matching Indoor Range & Steps
Slip Resistant to R11

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Available in 4 colours in 5 size ranges:-

Beige is a warm gold mottled colour mix. The surface is flat to the touch, it has a slight textured feel for slip resistance 

Blanc is an off-white, light cream coloured porcelain. The surface is flat, but has a lightly grained surface texture and slip resistance.

Cendre is a mottled beige, grey appearance. The surface is flat, but when touched, is lightly textured 

Fumee is dark mottled grey coloured porcelain. The surface is flat, when touched it has a lightly grained surface texture


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