Indian Sandstone Paving

What our customers say

Great quality slate, good price and friendly staff. Highly recommend Mone Bros!
Good product at a good price. Easy to work and no stones. Customer was very happy. Delivered on time and put in an out if the way spot by the delivery driver. Thank you.
Excellent inexpensive gravel, ideal for patios.
A collection of 3 vibrant Brazilian slate products in a choice of two single sizes and a project pack.
From £45.00 m2 please call us.
York Mix is a sawn cut sandstone with clean edges and a flamed textured surface. Available in single size packs, York Mix reflects a look similar to the popular ‘York Stone’.

Available in 900 x 600 x 20mm.
From £ 50.00 m2
Natural stone block paving provides an attractive long term solution for driveways, due to the durability of the individual blocks, making them natures alternative to concrete block paving.
From £70.00 m2
Tuscan limestone has a subtly weathered appearance, with a varying colour palette. Rustic and occasional imperfect corners only add to Tuscan’s charming character.
As Tuscan is a limestone, it will naturally lighten over time.
From £40.00 m2
Old York has the colouring of the distinctive ‘York Stone’ and is a weathered sandstone, which creates a charming olde worlde finish. With a striking mix of buff, brown and grey coloured flagstones, all packs should be opened and pieces mixed before installation, to prevent colour banding.
Please note that some flags will be a mixture of colours whilst others can be all one colour.
From £40.00 m2
Platinum is a sandstone that has been sawn to create squared cut edges and flamed to give a subtle texture to the surface. Platinum’s grey palette can contain brown and buff tones.

Available in 900 x 600 x 20mm.
From £52.00 m2
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